Affordable and functional.

Our parents the effective communication tools without breaking the bank. ParentScope is the most affordable, fully functional co-parenting communication program available today.

Monthly and annual subscription options:

No hidden add-ons and no limits.

It’s as simple as that.

Your subscription will include all of the industry-leading features that ParentScope provides.

We also won’t gouge you with hidden costs or long-term commitments. You or your court order decides how long you need us, and we will make sure we are here for you.

♦ Discounts available for pro bono, fee waivers, and other exceptional circumstances ♦



Optional Service

Having trouble reading through all of the legalese in your court order? We can help!

For a one-time cost of $24, our team of family law professionals can read through and interpret the confusing language, and complete your initial set up. We will also update your profile any time you provide us with an updated court order at no additional cost!

This is the only optional service we offer in addition to our subscription—and it’s a service none of our competitors offer!


Holding up our promise to quality service:

Still not sold? Just give us a try! If you’re not satisfied with ParentScope in the first 30 days, we’ll refund your subscription cost—no questions asked.